Parents Please Check Your Email

Parents, make sure to check your email before applying for 2018-2019 Free / Reduced benefits. Households may be approved through Direct Certification.

On-line and printed applications will be available starting at registration.

Thank you

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Meal Applications

Children living in households receiving Food Stamp or TANF and Foster children can get free meals and textbook assistance regardless of your income. Also if your household income is within the limits on the federal income chart (listed below), your children can get free or reduce meals and text book assistance.

You will only need to complete one application per household, regardless of the number of children in the family, or their attendance at different schools within Lake Central.  You must re-apply each school year for benefits.  We accept applications throughout the school year.  Please complete application as soon as possible.

 Households currently certified to receive food stamps or temporary assistance will be notified of their eligibility which will provide benefits unless the household notifies in writing to the Food Service Office that it chooses to decline benefits.  Households should only submit an application if they are not notified by July 29, 2017.

 There are three ways to apply for meal and textbook assistance:

 OPTION 1:Online Application (Available July 26, 2017)

NEW this year apply online for meal and textbook assistance.  Skyward will guide you thru the application process with easy online prompts to complete your application. You can fill out an application online by going to, click on the Parents tab, and the SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS LOGIN. Once you log in, click on the Food Service tab on the left side. In this area click on "Application" on the top right to fill out an online application for free and reduced meals. All student data that is transmitted is encrypted. Parent/Guardians will be able to apply during on-line registration and throughout the school year. It is fast, convenient and secure.

If you begin your application and find you need to get more information before you can continue, you can save your application session and reopen it later.When you have completed your application, you will be prompted to enter your electronic signature.  Then click  Submit , and you're finished.  To make changes you will need to submit a new application.  All student data that is transmitted is encrypted.

Click here to apply starting July 26th

OPTION 2: Application and instructions are located on the top of this page. Fill out application and return it to your students school. Place in an envelope marked  Food Service  or mail to Lake Central Food Service, 225 W. 77th Avenue, Schererville, IN,46375. 

 OPTION 3:  Paper Applications Available at Schools
 Manually complete the paper application and return it to school in an envelope marked  Food Service  or mail to Lake Central Food Service, 225 W. 77th Avenue, Schererville, IN, 46375.

 If your application is not signed or does not include income it will be mailed back to you. If you are currently receive no income make sure to indicate so.When Food Service receives your complete application, you will be notified by email within 10 business days of the student's new status.  Please plan on sending a lunch or money with your student until you receive a letter from our office.  Food Service will update the student's Skyward account to reflect the new status; you do not need to notify the school kitchen.  You will be responsible for any charges for meals (breakfast and/or lunch) prior to approval. 

 If you need assistance completing the form or have any questions, please call Gladys or Linda at

219-865-4416 or email or